Why Sree Power?

Delivering comprehensive Engineering & contracting solutions is what Sree Power brings to the customers when it takes on any assignment. Its vast repertoire of competencies begin from consulting, that factors in the client's current and future operations scenario, and then goes on to tailor engineering solutions and services that meets today's as well as tomorrow's business needs. An enviable list of loyal clients, who have regularly sought our services, are living proof of the Sreepower's competitive edge. It is their testimonials and our growing list of competencies that is helping to enlarge the list of clients day by day.

Streamlining projects with project management

Every project is a blend of different activities that need to work in tandem for overall success. With companies getting larger and more fragmented in a distributed business lines, the binding factor is good project management. Project management that underlies each activity must all "talk" to each other seamlessly to achieve the targeted goals. Sreepower enables its clients to effectively synchronize projects and their MIS (Information) to optimize their operational efficiencies.

Manufacturing Custom Built LT Switchgear & Power Distribution Systems

Sree Power Control Systems is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified manufacturer of all types of custom-built L.T. Electrical power control panels such as Power Control Centers, Motor Control Centers, Lighting Distribution Boards, Control Console Panels, Automatic Power Factor Control Panels and non-segregated Bus ducts, Perforated and Ladder type Cable Trays, Street light poles etc. Our Power Control Panels are also approved by CPRI for 50KA RMS breaking capacity at 3000A; and temperature rise. This has made Sree power control systems most advantageous in promising the customers for very cost effective solutions and also kept Sree Power control systems in leading position in the sector of power control panels.

Managing Projects for IT Industries

It's important for businesses to recognize and focus on their core competencies, to achieve maximum efficiency in areas that bring revenue. Outsourcing the tasks to professionals can free up the company's resources to concentrate on the main line of business. There are technologies and systems emerging out of need of present social and operating conditions. Sreepower upgrades its skill repository with all the emerging technologies and will help customer to spend minimal time in choosing the right choice in minimum time. Sree Power Control Systems helps companies focus on their respective core competencies by taking up consulting, Liasoning, implementation of the total project aspect in which it has expertise and handover to the client for operations with proper documentation. Sreepower played instrumental role in bringing up majority of the electrification of their facilities of Satyam Computer Services Ltd across India .

Electrification of Hotels, Malls and restaurants

Malls and Hotels are the places where customers come for pleasure. A single instance of discomfort will dissatisfy the customer to an extent, which the service provider will not intend to. If businesses are to successfully leverage today's needs and meet business challenges head on, they need to make Electrical technology an integral part of their operations. Intent today is to measure the satisfaction of the customers by giving them uninterrupted services in which Electrical design plays key role. Using right material at right place will make the installation more competitive in terms of the cost and operational security. Sreepower will work closely with the customer in deriving the most effective distribution system and integrated safety factor of the installation and the people. Hotel Viceroy-Marriotte is one of the living example of Sreepower's competencies in execution of the

Powering the chemical & pharmaceutical industries

Chemical industry is the place where different processes get integrated. Sreepower could successfully cater all the needs of chemical and pharma industry. All its 10 yrs of experience has majority served this industry, right from conceptualizing the project to the implementation and till production. One of the feather in the crown of Sreepower is Aurobindo Pharma Ltd and all its units across India, China and Bangla desh, where Sreepower played a substantial role in bringing up their facilities in minimum time with maximum cost benefit. Sreepower has successfully completed many clean rooms, FDA blocks for Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Hetero Drugs, Ahlada Pharma Pvt Ltd, S.S Organics, Biological E Ltd and on.

Creating better business value for the customer

While Sreepower takes on the operational responsibility for managing the projects, it also helps the customer save cost and increase the time to market with a 24-hour cycle time in addressing the project or product requirements. In addition, Sreepower also addresses different dimensions of the customer's problems by applying its vast experience in multiple projects across industries and technologies in a variety of business cultures. Sreepower has the capability to bring a fresh perspective on existing problems, streamlining the customer's overall distribution systems in the course of the engagement to enhance business value for the customer.

Sreepower Services and Solutions that can help you address these needs

Sreepower, an end-to-end Electrical solutions company, has a range of services across various domains like Project Management, Consulting, IT Parks, Hotels, telecom, Chemical & pharmaceuticals and many others. Over the years Sreepower has developed a unique model for addressing customer requirements by building required competencies. This means customers can take advantage of a single point contact for all their Electrical technology requirements from a vendor who understands their business and how to apply the relevant technology.

Sreepower's competency is the result of its long engagements with customers. Sreepower believes in speaking the customer's language. Out of this belief originated the idea of building domain competency in a number of identified technical areas. At the same time, rapid changes in Electrical technology make it necessary for Sreepower to constantly monitor and update its own technological competence.


We have gained outstanding experience in project electrification with constant endeavor in identifying better equipment and project management techniques time to time. Project management in terms of identifying new tools, material, and tracking mechanisms like Microsoft project. Costs, our projects on daily basis through Microsoft project.

All of our designs will be under the supervision of experienced electrical engineers having more than two decades of experience in electrical engineering in relative fields. We are in the field of Project Electrification since 1994 and earned a repute for ourselves by adhering to commitments in terms of dates for completion, following proper safety standards, providing trouble free installations for our customers and reliable service backup.

We carry out supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the following electrical equipments as part of our Project Electrification activity.
  • Substations, structures and switchyards up to 132KV
  • Distribution and special purpose transformers with OLTC gear and other special provisions
  • Indoor and outdoor type breakers and other panel for controlling HV equipments Bus-ducts for connecting the source of supply and the distribution panels and other special requirement.
  • Power control centers, Distribution boards, and motor control centers.
  • Ladder type or perforated type cable trays for running the cables with necessary MS Angle iron supports.
  • Laying, dressing, clamping & termination of HT & LT power cables from the source to the distribution point, power control center to Motor control centers, panel to individual motors. Etc. Laying, dressing, clamping and termination of multi core control cables to local control stations, logic manager panels and other special purposes.
  • Erection testing and commissioning of Special panels for specific purposes like rotor resistance starting, variable frequency panels, DC drive panels, Mimic panels, boiler control panels etc.
  • Design, development, construction, testing and commissioning of earthing grids for electrical installations, Earth mats, neutral grounding resistance for earthing of Transformer and alternator neutral terminals, earthing of motors, panels and other electrical equipments.
  • Design, development, construction, testing and commissioning of lightning conductor earthing for large industrial buildings, structures, explosive storing magazines etc.
We carryout the following pre-commissioning tests for electrical equipments. Any other specific test can be carried out as per customer requirement.

1. For Ht & LT Power Distribution panels: Insulation resistance test, Primary Injection test and Secondary injection test contact resistance test for breakers etc.
2. For Power Transformers: Ration test & Magnetic Balance test for the Tr., Dielectric Strength test, Acidity test & Viscosity test for the Transformer oil.
3. For HT Cable termination: High potential test.


We provide PROJECT CONSULTANCY services in the field of electrical engineering for various types of industries. We design the electrical distribution network to suit the process and site requirements with ample emphasis on the safety of the user and the maintenance team. The system designed and developed by us will be a cost effective, reliable and asper IEEE standards. Emphasis will be give for scope of expansion with minimum resources.

The design will be developed under the strict supervision of experienced electrical engineers having more than two decades of experience in developing safe electrical distribution systems. It is an added advantage for our design team that we are experienced in plant maintenance with large-scale mining., cement, automobile and engineering industries. This experience helps us to envisage the maintenance requirements of the system and provide a fool proof system. We provide specialized solutions for critical power distribution problems by giving safe, economical and customized arrangements. We have provided result-oriented consultancy for any one or all of the following specific problems.

  • Power factor management.
  • Plant lighting level – suitability for operation purposes.
  • Earthing grid development for existing and running industries.
  • Different types of starting arrangements for special purpose motors.
  • Study of the existing distribution system and suggesting modification to improve operator safety and user safety.
  • Study of the existing generator sets and provide arrangements to cater to larger loads by synchronizing with other DGs or other suitable methods.
  • Carrying out relay co-ordination of the existing protection arrangements to provide better protection to electrical equipments like Transformer, Alternator etc


IP:55 outdoor type feeder Pillars for various applications in Industries, Residential Complexes, Hotels and Townships.


Bus Ducts and Rising Mains are offered upto 4000A with less than 35 degree Celsius Temperature Rise over an Ambient of 40 degree Celsius. Short Circuit Withstand Capacity at 50 kA. Non segregated Bus Ducts with inter leaving design suitable for indoor and outdoor installation with IP:55 degree of Protection.


PLC and AC/DC Drive based Panels for Process Control application in most demanding Industries, with Remote Input/Output units and communication Bus to control hundreds of PLC Inputs and Outputs.

Company Profile

We design, fabricate and supply electrical and process control panels. We have established a comprehensive panel manufacturing industry at Hyderabad with in-house facilities for all the process involved like sheet sharing & bending, panel wiring, testing, pre-treatment of the parts by seven tank process coating equipments etc., All of our designs will be under the supervision of experienced electrical engineers having more than two decades of experience in electrical engineering.

We take up Project turnkey job inclusive of planning, design, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical equipments for various industries such as chemicals, Bulk drugs, cement, paper, sugar, agro chemicals, effluent treatment plants, solvents, breweries, engineering, spinning, mining, biotech etc.All of our customers are totally satisfied with our job quality as well as the time factor. All the jobs undertaken by us will be in strict compliance with the Indian Standard Institutions' Latest editions.We provide PROJECT CONSULTANCY services in the field of electrical engineering for various types of industries. We design the electrical distribution network to suit the process and site requirements with ample emphasis on the safety of the user and the maintenance team.

We are reputed panel builders based in Hyderabad manufacturing all types electrical panel boards. We have established a comprehensive panel-building factory in Jeedimetla with complete facilities for panel building.

We have gained outstanding experience in project electrification with constant endeavor in identifying better equipment and project management techniques time to time.


PLC based Instrumentation Panels to offer AMF, Auto Synchronisation and Load Sharing functions as per specific requirements of the customers ranging from 2 DG Sets to 6 DG sets with Man Machine Interface and SCADA system.


MCC are offered upto 1600 A operational current at 40 degree Celsius ambient Temperature in single and double front design for 50 kA short Circuit Withstand Capacity and IP: 52 degree of Protection. Form IV of separation as per IS: 8623 is maintained. Types of starters include Automatic Star Delta, Direct On-line, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives, Stator Rotor Starters and AutoTransformer Starters.


Automatic Power Factor correction Panels with manual override to maintain the Power factor in the desired range. Design facilitates easy connection, ample space for Capacitors, efficient heat dissipation, Protection against re-energisation of Capacitor Bank before it is fully discharged.


Power Control Centers are being designed and manufactured upto 4000A rating, suitable for operational Voltage of 415V in a 3 phase 4 wire distribution system with an insulation voltage upto 660V at an ambient Temperature of 40 degree Celsius . The form of separation as IS 8623 is FORM IV . Short circuit withstand capacity is 50 kA and degree of protection IP:52 , both of these parameters are type tested. The switchboards offered are in Fixed and semi draw-out type configuration with single front design.

EHS Policy & Community Participation

SREEPOWER is committed to a clean, safe and healthy workplace and environment. All aspects of our business will be managed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in accordance with the principles set forth in this policy. We believe these actions benefit our customers, shareholders, employees and the public, both now and for the future, while improving the quality of the environment in which we live. This policy reaffirms our commitment to environmental stewardship and protecting the well-being of our customers, employees and the public.

Management Commitment All levels of SREEPOWER management are committed to, and accountable for, implementing, maintaining, measuring, and improving the environmental, health and safety programs of the company. Self-assessments of our performance in these areas will be routinely conducted. We will measure performance and hold all employees accountable through performance enhancement processes. Culture

we will cultivate a culture that encourages safe, healthy and environmentally responsible behavior by clearly defining the responsibilities of all employees. We will encourage proactive employee involvement in these efforts. Incentives for extraordinary performance are announced and adhered.

Health & Safety

Safety is the overriding value of all aspects of our business. We will continually provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees, our customers and the community. We demand safe work behavior, practices, design and systems.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution prevention is an operating objective. We strive to prevent or reduce the generation of scrap at the source. Our impact on the environment is minimized through good engineering practices


Compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations is required. All of our employees, from the officer level to the front line, are responsible and accountable for compliance and have an obligation to bring issues and concerns forward for resolution related to health and safety.

Stewardship of Natural Resources

We will responsibly use natural resources, such as air, water, soils and forests, and we will help to conserve these natural resources through efficient use and careful planning. We will pursue an energy resource plan that emphasizes environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency. We will responsibly address conditions that endanger health, safety or the environment.

Environmental Health and Safety Targets

Each year, we develop targets for financial, environmental, health and safety and individual operating area performance, and reward outstanding achievement through annual incentive pay.

In 2002, those targets were: Panel Building For Safety The safety goal was to have zero preventable recordable injuries per Annum. Result: Panel Building division had 1year without a preventable recordable injury since the inception of this Policy. For Environment

The Panel Building division's target in this area was to conduct 4 training programs to all the employees on adhering to safety practices for self and safety standards to be followed for Customer's safety. Result: All goals were achieved.

Electrical contracting

For Safety at work space(Customer Site): The goal was to have zero preventable recordable injuries per week. Result: Contracting division couldn't achieve it with 1 injury since 1 year.

Community Participation and Accountability

Community involvement is one of the tenets upon which our company is built. We understand that the health and vitality of our local communities is the paramount to the strength and vitality of our business.

Sreepower and its employees actively contribute to our communities. Whether it's sponsoring for students meets, interim technical programs for the academic students, helping charitable health clinics, blood donation camps. our company is an active and proud community citizen and participant. In 2002 we had 5 students for internship program, 9 in 2003, 6 in 2004.

Our employees generously give of their personal time in providing services to old age homes. They also have generously contributed for the recent Tsunami massacre both monetarily and physically.


We are established designers and contractors for building HV & EHV switchyards. We are constructing and commissioning all sorts of electrical outdoor installation upto a system voltage of 132kV.

We use proven materials, experienced and skilled manpower with all the required tools. We employ scientific methods of construction to give you a fast, reliable and safe substation. All of our switchyards will be in line with the requirements of the IS specifications.

We can construct, test and commission the following outdoor systems.
  • 11kV double pole structures.
  • 11kV overhead lines with cement concrete or RS Joists.
  • Programmable Logic Controller Panels.
  • 11kV 4 or 6 pole structure with 1 or 2 incomers, busbar & distribution arrangements.
  • 33kV structures for transformer incomers with separate PTs, CTs and other accessories. These structures can be fitted with VCBs or SF6 breakers as required. Remote controlling arrangements with protection panels can also be supplied and erected for the breakers.
  • 33kV Structures for special purpose applications like road crossings, railway lines crossings etc.
  • 33kV overhead lines with ISMB poles or constructed towers.
  • Outdoor kiosk for industrial applications.
  • 132 KV switchyard with breakers, PTs CTs, metering and relay cubicles, lightning arresters, transformer & OLTC installations etc., with all other connected accessories.
  • Design, development and installation of Lightning arresters for explosive storage magazines, large industrial buildings, structures etc.


We are established cable tray manufacturers capable of manufacturing both ladder type and perforated type cable trays. The trays will be made out of 2.0mm thick HRMS sheets with a standard length of 2500mm. these cable trays will be lightweight in construction and easy to install and maintain. These will be designed to carry a maximum load of 75kg per meter.

By using these trays instead of MS angle iron trays, the load on the structure of the plant can be brought down substantially thereby increasing the life span of the same. The erection duration of these trays is also lower than that of the MS angle iron trays

These trays are available in a wide range from 150mm to 1000mm wide for ladder type trays and from 50mm to 750mm for perforated type cable trays. Any specific requirement other than the above dimensions can also be supplied.

These trays can be supplied either hot dip galvanized finish or painted finish with heat treatment to suit the requirement. The same could also be powder coated based on the cost decisions of the customer. The thickness of GI coating will be 80-100 microns and 45-50 microns for powder coating.

Because of the factory-finished nature of the prefabricated trays, they can withstand severe operating conditions. These properties of the prefabricated trays make them most suitable for testing conditions like petrochemical, chemical, paper, cement and sugar industries. Anyway, for case of cable maintenance, these trays can be utilized in any type of industry.

The following readymade accessories for the cable trays can be supplied.
  • Horizontal bends.
  • Vertical inner & outer bends.
  • Equal and unequal tees.
  • Equal and unequal 4way crosses.
  • Tray coupler plates with suitable fasteners.
  • Tray covers made out of 16SWG HRMS sheet.
Detailed drawings of the standard dimensions of our trays can be submitted for verification whenever required. Non-standard dimensions can also supplied in case of large requirements.


We can build and supply any special purpose panel as required. These panels will be made exactly as per the specifications / instructions received. All the wiring, wire numbering pattern, the terminal identifications, component identifications, component layout etc., will be finalized in concurrence with the designers. Necessary tests will be conducted on the panels as per the designer recommendation in addition to our routine tests. We have built and supplied the following special purpose panels.
  • Automatic Mains failure panels (AMF panels). These can be incorporated in the PCC for ease of power distribution.
  • Manual & Auto synchronizing panels. For DG & Grid synchronization
  • Programmable Logic Controller Panels.
  • Relay interlocking panels for HV & EHV switchgear.
  • Mimic process flow indication panels.
  • Instrumentation interlocking and process control panels
  • Soot blower control panels for boiler applications.
  • CRR Starter panels. (Combined rotor resistance starter panels for starting multiple number of slip ring motors with single rotor resistance)
  • Outdoor kiosks for housing electrical switchgear.
  • Soft starter panels for motors.
  • Panels housing variable frequency drive for providing speed control for AC induction motors.
  • Special control panels for crane applications.
  • Telephone connector panels for cable junctions.
  • Mining application panels with special enclosures and finishes.

Contact Us

Plot No. D-48, Phase IV Extn., I.D.A
Jeedimetla, Hyderabad - 500055
Voice : 91-40-23190153
Fax : 91-40-23090739
Mobile : 91-98498 16959
E-Mail : kalyan@sreepower.com


We are reputed panel builders based in Hyderabad manufacturing all types electrical panel boards. We have established a comprehensive panel-building factory in Jeedimetla with complete facilities for panel building.

Our panels are designed for a fault level of 35/50KA for 1 Second duration. Designs for higher ranges of fault levels can be built and supplied.

We design and manufacture the following
  • Power Control Centers.
  • Motor control centers.
  • Capacitor control panels with automatic Power factor controllers.
  • Automatic Mains failure panels (AMF)
  • Synchronizing panels for two or more Diesel Generator sets.
  • Special purpose panels.
  • Mimic indication panels.
  • Junction boxes for process interlocking.
  • Junction boxes for instrumentation purposes.
  • Lighting towers.
All these equipments will be in strict compliance with the Indian electricity Rules and latest editions of standards.
The entire process of panel building and testing will be conducted in-house and our facilities are comprehensive

Different varieties of the above panels like Double front construction, Draw out type for incoming and outgoing feeders, top cable entry type, provision for DCS circuitry in the controls, etc. can be built and supplied on specific request.

We are established manufacturers of LT Busducts. We have supplied, erected, tested and commissioned a number of Busducts. We use high quality hard drawn E91E grade electrolytic Aluminum conductor as per IS standards. Our Busducts have been functioning in various industries for the past 9 years without developing any problem.

All our panels and Busducts undergo a stringent series of quality control tests before despatch. All the aspects of the panel like fabrication dimensions, powder coating, finish, wiring, layout and component fixing methods are checked closely and approved in a systematic manner. Each panel will be checked for functional, operational and maintenance checks in addition to visual inspection for aesthetics.